"Restaurant & Hospitality owners have a duty of care to control risks to the safety and well being of the public, associated with the operation of their businesses…"


Improving Restaurant ROI...

  When RISK Erodes Profits –

                                INTELLIGENCE Drives Results…



We work with you to design a customized model for the
assessment of all areas of your facilities & operations as it relates to safety, security & risk. (FOH, BOH, External & Internal areas).


Through the completion of “Random” Safety & Security Audits that include on-site review of your physical amenities &   key personnel interviews, etc., we can gather the pertinent data to identify current and potential areas of vulnerability & loss that impact ROI.

Once completed, we can provide a “scoring matrix” of each facility to determine key risk components of Impact, Probability &   Vulnerability. This data can then be used to provide each client with best practice recommendations for improvement & action to curtail or avoid current & potential erosion of ROI…


These are areas involving the physical layout of the building, dumpster locations, lighting, repairs needed to damaged or non-functioning equipment, additions needed to the building structure,ie: doors, locks, CCTV systems, alarms, roof ladder grating, etc. All of which could be outside of the immediate action & purview of local management capabilities other than reporting.


To include: Hours of facility operation,  day to day operating procedures, staff training & awareness, facility opening & closing procedures, cash & food handling procedures. All of which are controlled by corporate office/parent, local & regional management.


To include: Day to day practices/habits, office & safe security, shift change practices, use of backdoor, staff & customer ingress/egress, exterior equipment storage & uses, ie: ladders, facility access control, use of Detex alarms, etc.

A Practical Approach to Increase Awareness…

The key to curtailing losses is to first know where they are coming from, how they impact your operations and what can be done to mitigate the risks.
For the sake of simplicity, there are 3 main areas or “buckets” where risk factors can be categorized: Physical – Procedural – Behavioral