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By selecting, iQuity Risk Solution Partners, LLC you are taking the first important steps in improving your ROI & security management programs! Programs that will help to keep your dollars in your pocket & protect the assets of your property, employees, patrons and guests while controlling loss 24 hours per day. We can look at other areas that also mitigate risk such as employee & equipment safety, OSHA violations, employment practices and liability insurance concerns.

We will assess your areas of vulnerability & can offer written findings & planning in the following:

Perimeter Security- Entry & Exit Points- Parking Areas- Kitchen Safety- Back Area/Dumpsters- Employee Screening- Employee Theft- OSHA

We can help you effectively monitor:

Physical Security- CCTV / Alarms- Lighting -Freezers/Coolers- Delivery Issues- Restrooms-Safe Management- Roof Access

I'm dedicated to improving my ROI...

You Can't Correct what you Don't Measure!


The completion of Safety, Security & Site Risk Assessments performed professionally & objectively can:

-Determine your security vulnerabilities -​Assure that money you are spending on security is cost effective -​Elicit support from management and employees that you are addressing security issues and are concerned about their security -Reduce liability exposures affecting business costs and business reputation.


Richard Rotondo- President/Founder- Atlanta, GA.

Richard Rotondo is a service & security industry veteran with over 20 years of experience as a business executive holding both sales and operational management positions. His career in the service industry is highlighted by his active involvement in strategic planning, sales management and the development and implementation of client-focused managed service & security programs. 

With Fortune 500 companies like Equifax & later ChoicePoint he initiated successful new markets for the design and application of client-specific initiatives within the Risk Assessment & Mitigation arena. His experience as an Independent business owner for the consultation, sale & service of electronic security solutions to the commercial and residential markets.; (Product suite includes video CCTV, access control), and his previous involvement in the strategic consulting of security practices for Cognisa Security (Securicor) an international security provider has positioned him to become an "expert" resource. 

Additionally, Mr. Rotondo headed the Loss Prevention department of a national retail department store chain & is actively involved in the Atlanta market within the electronic & physical security industry where he is instrumental in acquiring new business opportunities and providing consultative services for Risk & Site Vulnerability assessments.

iQuity Risk Solution Partners, LLC provides security and risk programs for a broad array of clients that include: Full Service, Casual & Quick Serve (QSR) restaurants, Hi-Rise Residential complexes along with Hotel & Hospitality properties. We provide the “client-specific” tools & knowledge necessary for ownership and management to identify & monitor potential threats & areas of vulnerability that help to control losses and deter the occurrences of crime & fraudulent acts through increased awareness and targeted actions. 

​​iQuity is a leader in providing these type solutions and in evaluating current security practices, procedures and on-site equipment. We can also assist with implementing better practices and if need be enhance/upgrade existing equipment which is an area where we have had great success in providing programs that work for a variety of In-
​Town & suburban markets… 

Safety & Security Risk Audits

On-site "mystery" audits of your facilities.

Site Vulnerability Studies

Security – what are my potential liabilities and threats and what do I need to know about it but won't admit it?

Protecting Your Assets

Determine your primary concern affecting people and business continuity, and mitigate that threat.

What Really Matters

The most important thing is to define your goals

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